Misty Mountains

This was taken on the way to Stryn in August 2020. While driving on Rv15 from the east of Jotunheimen national park towards Stryn, there’s so much beautiful landscapes to look at. This was taken along this road before descending to Videseter. The mountains were already prepared to embrace the cold autumn weather. A little hint of  red and orange was visible on the grassy/forest landscapes. To add to the experience, mountain peaks create their own micro-climate regions along the way. We stopped for a short break along the side of the road, but it only took 5-10minutes for the entire area to get covered down in a thick layer of mist. As awesome as it looked, it got a bit scary when we got back on the road because of the extremly low visibility. (Couldn’t see more than 5-10 meters ahead)


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