This view of the 2nd longest fjord in Norway was taken about 30km north of Odda. Odda and Hardangerfjord are about a 5hour drive from Oslo, which is reachable via either North or South of Hardangervidda. I prefer the route from Oslo via Dagali, Geilo, Dyranut, & Eidfjord. There’s plenty of breathtaking landscapes to enjoy while on the way. (If you are traveling outside summer, watch the notices about road closures because there’s a lot of mountain passes in this road).
Once you’ve reached there, either driving north from Odda on route 550 or 13 (Or south from Utne/Eidfjord), you have genuinely majestic views of the Hardangerfjord. The area is trendy for its many hiking options, especially famous Trolltunga.